Profesisonals clappingReceivable Savvy is looking for stories about how your company optimizes any portion of your Order-to-Cash operation.  Whether it’s a better way to manage the customer master, improve invoicing, deploy a particular software solution, improve Accounts Receivable and Collections, or automate the cash application process, we want to hear your success story.

Why does Receivable Savvy want to hear my story?

We want to learn about your stories in order to write a short article or blog about it. If you or your company approves the final version, we’ll publish it on our site.

What kind of information is Receivable Savvy looking for?

We are looking for any information that involves an improvement in any part of the Order-to-Cash process, such as:

  • Better management of the customer master, improved billing/invoicing, more efficient collections process, better management of the cash application process, etc.
  • New ideas developed by individuals or team members
  • Development of any new procedures
  • Collaboration with another organization that brought about any improvement
  • Any improvement that shows specific improvements or quantifiable metrics  (i.e. “our staff has become more efficient because…” or “our company improved DSO by 7 days”)

How do I share my success story?

To share your story, simply complete and submit the short form below.  We’ll write a draft, send it back to you and if you or your company approves it, we’ll publish it on our website.