Receivable Savvy and NACHA Present Web Clinic: Understanding How ACH Payments Maximize Invoice-to-Cash

Atlanta, GA February 1, 2016 – Join Receivable Savvy, the research and best practice resource for Order-to-Cash professionals, and NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association, on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 for an informative and interactive web clinic: Understanding How ACH Payments Maximize the Invoice-to-Cash Process.

Getting paid faster is a top priority for supplier organizations and studies show that suppliers prefer to be paid via ACH over paper checks by almost 3 to 1. Join Receivable Savvy and special guest Robert Unger, Senior Director – Product Management and Strategic Corporate Relations with NACHA, as they identify the necessary elements every company should know in order to incorporate ACH into their receivables mix and maximize the Invoice-to-Cash process.

As the Administrator for the ACH network, NACHA has made ACH ubiquitous in relation to electronic payments – especially for B2B. Mr. Unger will highlight those key areas that are most important to supplier organizations, such as how to leverage the value of the ACH network, how to become more attractive to potential customers and how ACH results in faster customer payments.

The Web Clinic will feature:

  • How NACHA establishes a common set of rules and procedures among financial institutions to guarantee stability and predictability in ACH payments
  • Why a growing number of customers are using ACH for paying suppliers and why more suppliers prefer ACH payments
  • How ACH provides valuable remittance data to supplier organizations
  • Rapidly approaching ACH Network developments that will enable even faster payment.

Who should attend:

  • Managers, Directors and Senior Executives in the areas of:
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Credit Management
    • Cash Application
    • Internal Controls


  • The webinar has concluded, but you can listen to it once the recording is posted



About Robert Unger:

Rob Unger Portrait

Robert Unger is Senior Director – Product Management and Strategic Corporate Relations with NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association. In this capacity, Mr. Unger directs the Council for Electronic Billing and Payment, which promotes electronic billing and payment services for consumer and business applications. Members – including financial institutions, technology companies, billing companies – cooperate on education and standards development to further the growth of electronic billing and payment.

Previously, Mr. Unger directed the Student Aid Modernization Partnership Forum, a public/private initiative – led by NACHA – focused on developing e-commerce interoperability standards to improve the delivery of student financial aid and related services.

Prior to joining NACHA, Mr. Unger served as Director of Education with Research and Management Systems, a technology firm providing software and management solutions for research, education and e-commerce in government and higher education.

Mr. Unger has also worked in information systems support and sponsored programs management at the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland at Baltimore. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a Master of Arts degree in Technology Education.

About Receivable Savvy:

Receivable Savvy helps supplier organizations master the Accounts Receivable and Order-to-Cash process by maximizing revenue through proprietary research, best practice content and insight from subject matter experts.

Founded in 2015, the Receivable Savvy mission is to cultivate knowledge and understanding among suppliers while also delving into their habits, practices and preferences. Comprised of industry veterans, Receivable Savvy strives to be the primary source of financial supply chain information for Accounts Receivable professionals focused on key elements of the Order-to-Cash process.

We help our members understand issues around customer master data, order management, credit management, invoicing, accounts receivable, payment, collections management, cash application, compliance and internal controls.