Receivable Savvy Joins National Network of Credit and Financial Professionals to Expand Order-to-Cash Expertise

Network continues to become a powerful resource for world-class education, training and best practice information.

Atlanta, GA January 24, 2017 – Receivable Savvy announced today that it has joined the National Network of Credit and Financial Professionals (NNCFP) whose purpose is to provide education, training and best practice insight related to world class Order-to-Cash and credit management practices to supplier-side practitioners. NNCFP will provide education and expertise around specific areas of Order-to-Cash such as credit and collections, invoicing, payment, cash application and customer management.

By joining NNCFP, Receivable Savvy will expand its reach to approximately 3,000 Accounts Receivable, and Credit and Collections professionals and their organizations nationally and internationally.  In addition, Receivable Savvy will leverage content developed by the other organizations for its own members.

NNCFP members include DAL, Inc., one of the nation’s top 100 Commercial Collections Agencies; the Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals, a valued resource for education, training, and best practice for credit and financial professionals around the world; and Reimer Reporting Service, providers of valuable information, insights and innovative approaches on a wide variety of domestic and international credit subjects.

“We’re excited to share original Order-to-Cash research and best practice content with 3,000 combined Accounts Receivable, and Credit and Collections professionals as well as the organizations they work for through NNCFP,” said Ernie Martin, Founder and Managing Director – Receivable Savvy.  “Receivable Savvy members will also have access to content exclusively developed for other members of NNCFP – something not readily available to non-Network professionals.”

“With Receivable Savvy joining our network, we’ll be able to further expand our expertise in several areas related to Order-to-Cash,” stated Lyle Wallis, President of the Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals.  “I believe all of our Accounts Receivable, and Credit and Collections professionals – as well as Receivable Savvy’s members – will benefit from the expansion of our network and further enhance their knowledge and expertise in what has proven to be an increasingly complex discipline.”

About Receivable Savvy

Receivable Savvy helps supplier organizations master the Accounts Receivable and Order-to-Cash process by maximizing revenue through proprietary research, best practice content and insight from subject matter experts.

Founded in 2015, the Receivable Savvy mission is to cultivate knowledge and understanding among suppliers while also delving into their habits, practices and preferences. Comprised of industry veterans, Receivable Savvy strives to be the primary source of financial supply chain information for Accounts Receivable professionals focused on key elements of the Order-to-Cash process.

Receivable Savvy helps its members understand issues around customer master data, order management, credit management, invoicing, accounts receivable, payment, collections management, cash application, compliance and internal controls.

About DAL, Inc.

Since 1974, and celebrating 40 years in the credit and financial industry, DAL, Inc. has been a trusted name in commercial collections. DAL’s strong reputation in all areas of business is a direct result of its tenured staff and the company business philosophy: maximum recovery and file resolution along with thorough communication to the client.

DAL strives to provide the latest in technology and resources that fit the needs of today’s Credit and Financial Managers. For more information on DAL, please visit

About the Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals

The Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals, Inc. founded in 1896, is one of the oldest business credit federations in the world. It has more than 2,000 credit, collection, and financial professionals participating in its programs, and one of the most influential peer networks in the industry. Leading Fortune 500 companies constitute its foundation. Members represent diverse segments of the economy, including manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, distribution, construction and financial businesses.

About Reimer Reporting Service

Founded in 1965, Riemer Reporting Service maintains one of the nation’s most productive business credit networks. The company delivers critical state-of-the- art credit reports and services, along with career-building educational programs and networking opportunities to our industry-specific credit associations.

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