Receivable Savvy and HighRadius Show Organizations How RPA Can Help Them Achieve 90%+ Straight-Through Cash Application Using Their System

Free webinar illustrates how supplier organizations can leverage Robotic Process Automation to effectively increase working capital and maximize cash flow.

Join Receivable Savvy, the research and best practice resource for Order-to-Cash professionals, and special guest Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Management and Marketing at HighRadius, on Wednesday, October 5 at 2p.m. EST for an informative and interactive webinar: Robotic Process Automation – How to Achieve 90%+ Straight-Through Cash Application Using Your System. In this webinar, participants will learn how companies have successfully achieved high hit rates for straight-through processing using automation technology.

Achieving operational savings in cash application is a critical objective for organizations focused on increasing working capital and maximizing cash flow. While this may be a key emphasis of an organization’s operation, the day-to-day processing of payments could be complex, time consuming and wrought with multiple challenges that hinder optimized operations.

Handling these and other customer-related issues could significantly reduce the rate of straight-through processing, thereby increasing operational costs and impacting the overall working capital of an organization.

Participants will learn how organizations:

  • Quickly deploy add-on technology to enhance existing systems with minimal IT involvement
  • Fix remittance with incorrect, partial or no information
  • Process remittance in various formats and from various sources
  • Reduce operational costs by investing in quick-return technology
  • Improve team KPIs and achieve business objectives by reallocating resources to high-value tasks

Who Should Attend:

Senior Executives, Directors and Managers in the areas of:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Credit Management
  • Cash Application


Wednesday, October 5 at 2 p.m. EST


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About Elaine Nowak

As Director of Product Management and Marketing, Elaine defines the breadth and depth of products lines for HighRadius. In addition, she identifies the product offering, key messaging, target customers and market segments to ensure organizations secure the most effective solutions to address their most pressing objectives. With more than 20 years in product marketing and brand management, Elaine is ideally suited to illustrate how automation can be leveraged to maximize an organization’s working capital and cash flow.

About Receivable Savvy:

Receivable Savvy helps supplier organizations master the Accounts Receivable and Order-to-Cash process by maximizing revenue through proprietary research, best practice content and insight from subject matter experts.

Founded in 2015, the Receivable Savvy mission is to cultivate knowledge and understanding among suppliers while also delving into their habits, practices and preferences. Comprised of industry veterans, Receivable Savvy strives to be the primary source of financial supply chain information for Accounts Receivable professionals focused on key elements of the Order-to-Cash process.

Receivable Savvy helps its members understand issues around customer master data, order management, credit management, invoicing, accounts receivable, payment, collections management, cash application, compliance and internal controls.