Leveraging the Right Mix of Business Financing Can Lower DSO Says Anne MacRae in New Episode of the Savvy Report

Organizations can learn to balance the right mix of business financing options to maximize cash flow, improve working capital and lower DSO.

In today’s episode of The Savvy Report, Receivable Savvy’s weekly Order-to-Cash and B2B video series, Ernie Martin, Founder and Managing Director of Receivable Savvy, interviews Anne MacRae of Express Business Funding on how organizations should approach financing to help fund their operation. In the comprehensive discussion, MacRae discusses why it’s important for organizations to have various funding solutions at their disposal, how invoice financing through factoring and asset-based lending can be properly leveraged to positively impact DSO and how fintech solutions have a role to play in helping organizations maximize their cash flow.

“The interview is a must-see for any practitioner interested in understanding the keys to expertly leveraging the right mix of financing for improved cash flow and working capital,” said Ernie Martin. “The five keys to financing provided by Anne MacRae are essential in helping any organization know when and how to leverage multiple funding options available in an ever-evolving marketplace of business financing.”

You can view the entire interview by going here: The Savvy Report Interview

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