Getting paid faster is a top priority for supplier organizations and studies show that suppliers prefer to be paid via ACH over paper checks by almost 3 to 1. Receivable Savvy is joined by special guest Robert Unger, Senior Director – Product Management and Strategic Corporate Relations with NACHA for this informative webinar.  Mr. Unger identifies the critical steps every company needs to know about how ACH payments streamline the Invoice-to-Cash process.

As the Administrator for the ACH network, NACHA has made ACH ubiquitous in relation to electronic payments – especially for B2B. Mr. Unger highlights those key areas that are most important to supplier organizations, such as how to leverage the value of the ACH network, how to become more attractive to potential customers and how ACH results in faster customer payments.

The webinar covers:

  • How NACHA establishes a common set of rules and procedures among financial institutions to guarantee stability and predictability in ACH payments
  • Why a growing number of customers are using ACH for paying suppliers and why more suppliers prefer ACH payments
  • How ACH provides valuable remittance data to supplier organizations
  • Rapidly approaching ACH Network developments that will enable even faster payment.


For more information on the ACH Network, visit the NACA Website at Robert Unger can be contacted via LinkedIn by going here.

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