5 Habits Exhibited by Accounts Receivable Rock Stars

Reprinted with permission of Amalto Technologies

If you’ve worked in Accounts Receivable for any length of time, you likely know people who dutifully go to work every day and do their jobs well with great pride. You likely also know of people in this space who always seem to be ahead of the curve. They seem to have a knack for identifying and incorporating the newest technology within their organizations. They seem to be extremely knowledgeable about the latest trends. They always offer advice to help others solve organizational problems. They always seem to be poised for upward mobility and promotions.

In short, these people are rock stars. But, it’s important to understand that some of your peers don’t become rock stars by accident. They become innovators and industry leaders, not simply because they all have advanced degrees or higher IQs. Most become rock stars because they think outside of the box and exhibit an unquenchable sense of curiosity about the industry and solutions designed to address a variety of financial challenges.

The question, then, becomes how does one become an innovator, an out of the box thinker and an industry rock star? By developing the following characteristics.

Key Characteristics of Accounts Receivable Professionals

There are 5 key characteristics or habits Accounts Receivable professionals should practice to remain at the forefront of the industry, position themselves as thought leaders and align themselves for upward mobility within their organization.

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