5 Areas That Suggest e-Invoicing Delivers Outcomes Suppliers Find Most Important

As a follow up to our recent article What is Electronic Invoicing, Why Suppliers Should Care and Who Are the Major Players, Receivable Savvy offers deeper analysis in 5 areas related to invoice submission for additional insight. Suppliers, when indicating certain outcomes as very important (rather than neutral or not important), used third-party electronic invoicing more often.* Those outcomes include:

  1. Respondents indicating the reduction of problems and exceptions as very important
  • 54% use 3rd party e-invoicing
  • 52% use EDI
  • 49% use email to invoice
  • 47% use paper invoicing
  1. Respondents indicating reduction of inquiries into customers as very important
  • 31% use 3rd party e-Invoicing
  • 31% use EDI
  • 29% use paper invoicing
  • 27% use email to invoice
  1. Respondents indicating faster invoice delivery as very important
  • 57% use 3rd party e-Invoicing
  • 43% use email to invoice
  • 41% use paper invoicing
  • 41% use EDI
  1. Respondents indicating faster payment as very important
  • 69% use 3rd party e-Invoicing
  • 64% use EDI
  • 60% use email to invoice
  • 59% use paper invoicing
  1. Respondents indicating invoice delivery confirmation as very important
  • 46% use 3rd party e-Invoicing
  • 33% use EDI
  • 31% use paper invoicing
  • 30% use email to invoice


*Taken from the 2015 Perceptions Study: research and analysis of supplier activity in the areas of invoicing, payment and remittance, credit and collections.

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