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The Savvy Report: July 25, 2018. Funding through fintech, factoring & more. Interview with Anne MacRae

During this episode of The Savvy Report, Ernie Martin interviews Anne MacRae of Express Business Funding and discusses the various ways organizations can fund their operation. Options such as fintech solutions, factoring and asset-based lending are just some of the ways companies can leverage their assets to help grow their organizations.

Topics discussed include:

1. Why is it important for organizations to have various funding solutions available to them? 2:35

2. Isn’t creative funding/lending solutions a viable option for healthy organizations as well? 4:15

3. What do the funding challenges companies face actually look like? 6:01

4. How does factoring, or any form of financing, help an organization reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)? 8:03

5. Why has the perception persisted that factoring is only for companies that are in financial trouble? 9:56

6. What is your opinion about fintech solutions in this industry and is variety a good thing? 11:19

7. What advice would you give to organizations looking for reliable and creative ways to fund their business? 14:36