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The Savvy Report: August 9, 2018. Getting customers to pay your company via ACH – Interview with Robert Unger

In the August 9, 2018 episode of The Savvy Report, Ernie Martin discusses with Robert Unger of NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association, those areas that supplier organizations should thoroughly understand regarding receiving ACH payment from their customers. The two touch on the key drivers responsible for increasing ACH payments to supplier organizations, best practices companies should keep in mind in order to maximize their payment receipt mix and findings from the NACHA-Credit Research Foundation Credit-Receivables Survey.

Topics covered include:
1. What is NACHA, what does it do and how long has it been in existence? 2:56
2. What are the new ACH developments and what is the impact on companies receiving payment? 5:33
3. What can supplier organizations do to receive more customer payments via ACH? 9:45
4. The 3 factors driving more companies to accept ACH payment. 11:35
5. Best practices for increasing ACH payments. 13:12
6. Are more customers encouraging more suppliers to accept ACH payments and are suppliers resistant to it? 14:43